Digital Business, Optimized

Finally, a consultancy that provides tangible cost benefit value. We work with startups and entrepreneurial enterprise companies of various sizes to create better brand visibility, engage more qualified target traffic, and convert.

Who We Are

Simply put, we are digital business optimization and strategy experts. Sometimes we even work for free. Call us at 858-859-EBIZ to ask us how.

We are looking to help you define your target audience, become a visible and enticing solution to them, and to deliver a compelling user experience making it more likely that qualified users within your target audience will perform the conversion action desired.

Did you know that roughly 80% of people research companies online before they make a decision about who they will do business with? We believe the number is actually higher now, as the survey behind this stat was done some time ago.

In fact, we believe that this is how nearly everyone in your potential customer pool begins their search online when they have intent to purchase within 24-72 hours. The anecdotal evidence is simply all around us. Think about how you find products and services and then apply that same logic to your own business.

Most business owners get it now, they have to be online. But are they online effectively? It starts with visibility and ends with credibility. You need to be found, but just as important are how those who find you perceive and engage with your brand.

Then the equation moves into whether they choose to do business with your company. Owners have a lot of control over all of the elements across this entire scenario, but many choose not to exercise their ability to control these elements due to costs, misconception or prior bad experiences with agencies or employees.

Convertuoso was created to change all of that. We work with companies that have realistic expectations and budgets and are ready to solve the conundrum of building a successful version of their business online. We are not a digital agency, we are digital business development strategy experts.

Our highly ethical and effective hand picked agency partners work with our clients at discounted rates once Convertuoso has worked with you to develop a detailed strategic blueprint based on your model and your goals. This is not a one size fits all business, trust us on this.

Your business is unique, regardless of the space you play in. Convertuoso is also unique in that the model we employ is to work hands on with companies to define their specific digital business goals and establish success metrics and KPIs prior to agency selection or internal team building.

Once we have a working blueprint in place, we then help companies find and plug in the right project resources (employees or external agencies) to begin the hard work of delivering a successful project. Convertuoso has partnered with best of breed project resources in the following areas:

Platform Development and Design – WordPress, Magento, Shopify

Search Marketing – Adwords, Elevated SEO, Retargeting, Remarketing, Display, Social Media Advertising

Content and Engagement – Brand/Value Prop Positioning, Content Management, Copy, Email Marketing

Conversion Strategy – CRM, Sales Strategy, Sales and Business Development Personnel Staffing and Training

Performance – Analytics, A/B and Multivariate Testing, WMT

PR – Major Media Partnerships, Crowdfunding Campaign Development and Management, Press Release Management

Call us at 858-859-EBIZ before you talk to a digital agency.


Building a successful version of your business online starts with visibility and ends with credibility.

What We Do and Why

We like to try to work with our clients side by side to learn about critical elements like the vision behind your company, your current goals and direction and how to make the desired results happen.

We firmly believe that how your intended audience interprets, interacts and engages with your brand will make or break your business. In recent years, the dynamic behind how people interact with companies when they have intent has changed dramatically.

Mobile, e-commerce and web presence have become the dominant entry points and educational tools people use to make engagement and transactional decisions when they have intent to either do business with a company or to learn a bit more prior to doing said business.

With this in mind, along with our extensive understanding of the complexities involved with optimizing digital brands and assets, we are bringing a new “pre-engagement” model to the digital agency space. Here are some specific reasons to call us at 858-859-EBIZ before you start hunting down a digital agency or begin hiring internally for a web project:

A) We are not a digital agency but we are digital agency experts, and we know how to work with them and manage them. No more statement of work bloat or lack of accountability for billable hours. Frankly, none of our partners work that way in the first place, and if you choose your own resource, we can be very helpful with insights into fees and project execution.

B) Our value is clear. We do not charge outlandish fees for our services, and we try to work with agencies to discount project costs while also working directly with you, the client, to plug in the best resources as they align with the specifics of the project to create efficiencies which streamline the project to save on costs over the project life cycle.

For these reasons and others that will become abundantly clear as the project moves into its various phases, it pays to have us on your side. Give us a call at 858-859-EBIZ for a free phone consultation.

Convertuoso – How We Do It

Convertuoso was built to partner with clients in the digital space
for value and long term success

How We Do It

When we say partner with our clients, this is not just empty rhetoric.

We want your project to be successful. Projects like these are difficult to map out and execute because of the sheer number of moving parts which all need to fit together cohesively to make the engine run. Not just a flippant analogy, projects like these are not dissimilar to building a complex engine.

When building an engine you create a blueprint and a design model, source raw materials and resources, machine the parts and connectors, and start putting the pieces together to make something that works efficiently as a single unit because all of those bits and pieces perform their roles in an efficient and productive relationship to other bits and pieces in the assembly.

Your web assets individually and as an integrated unit should work the same way. The constellation of PEO or Paid, Earned and Owned assets should be working together to deliver successful and measurable results that trace all the way to your financials, just as your offline business assets are designed to do.

Here is a partial list of how we help you get it done:

  • Startup and SMB brand visibility and search marketing
  • Digital business development strategy/Digital pipeline optimization
  • CMS platform expertise
  • User interface and user experience
  • Adwords management
  • Best of breed search engine optimization
  • Creative content and marketing channel development
  • Conversion optimization
  • E-Commerce

That is a partial list. Talk to us to discuss how we can help.

We invite you to take a few more moments to fill out our contact form. We made it as painless as possible, with only two pieces of required information, and we are interested in discussing how we can help you do it the right way the first time. Or just call us.


Bring your brand into the light, and make it memorable and sticky. Fill out the form or call for a free consultation.